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Kurulus Osman with English Subtitle: 1x18

Episode 18

Kurulus Osman Episode 18 English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 18 English Subtitles
Apr. 23, 2020

(36) comments

  • Suzanne DixonApril 4, 2020

    It says it is available episode 18 Osman. However I cant watch it.

  • JERSSI DUENASApril 4, 2020

    I paid membership fee for the month of April but I can not view Episode 18, Kurulus Osman. Please assist in resolving issue.

  • Michael LawalApril 6, 2020

    Please make episode 18 available, its available on youtube but not translated in english.Please make Available which Is The reason we here.

    • SupportApril 7, 2020

      Episode 18 is not available on Youtube, the one you have watched must be fake

  • Agron PociApril 7, 2020

    Does episode 18 come out on April 8th?

  • Agron PociApril 7, 2020

    I am assuming the episodes havent broadcasted yet?

    • SupportApril 8, 2020

      yes it will not due to Covid-19 and shooting stopped.

  • containerman1April 8, 2020

    If I pay the additional 10 along with my quarterly membership does it let you watch the whole season or just the next episode?

    Thank you

    • SupportApril 9, 2020

      extra payment just for downloading the already on-aired episode, it means you can download 1-18 episodes easily

      • containerman1April 9, 2020

        So what’s the point for the additional 10$
        Sorry just wanted to make sure I understand

        • SupportApril 10, 2020

          Your 10$ is for the whole season. Whenever season is started.

          • containerman1April 13, 2020

            Got it ???? Thank you

  • Cindy SpiveyApril 9, 2020

    I waited for today to watch episode 18 . Today is the 9th so I can’t watch it even though it already on there or is there something wrong with my account

    • SupportApril 10, 2020

      Shooting has been stopped due to COVID-19. Wait till the batter situation. You guys can watch other series.

  • ridwan.gediApril 10, 2020

    HI it says it available eposide18 osman but i cant watch!

    • SupportApril 13, 2020

      only empty post, it will not on-air until COVID-19 problem solved

  • riaceziaApril 12, 2020

    It says april 8 ep 18

    • SupportApril 13, 2020

      Cit will not on-air until COVID-19 problem solved

  • riaceziaApril 13, 2020

    So membrship will be extended accordingly

  • sulaiman mohammad akbarApril 15, 2020

    When will Osman episode 18 will be available?

    • SupportApril 16, 2020

      Episode 18 has no surety when it will be available.

  • Gordana KanounApril 22, 2020

    any new updates when osman will air again

  • Michele PalmieriApril 22, 2020

    I just watches half of it on KurulusOsman ATV. where is you version

  • elsiepie1April 23, 2020

    Episode 18 is available. I just finished watching it.

  • Janine McBeanMay 28, 2020

    I subscribe today 5/28/20 @ around 1:30 pm now @7:pm I cannot view any episode. When I check my account it says paid but on hold? Please advise. Thanks

    • SupportMay 29, 2020

      Your account is activated please, check now.

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