Filinta English Subtitles: Season 1

Dec. 23, 2014
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Filinta or Filinta Mustafa is a fictional TV Show on the story of the Ottoman Detective in the 19th Century. He was accused of Crimes. He has to fight to clear his name. Filinta considered one of the most famous and most watch TV Series till 2017. Full TV Show Filinta English Subtitles is available and you can also download full Season to watch anywhere, Click here for more info

Mustafa and Ali are working as policemen in Ottoman Empire. Kadi Giyasettin is a well-educated judge who is also giving advices to Ottoman Sultan. The story begins with a conspiracy that was organized against Mustafa and Ali.

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  • Tony HittlemanJune 28, 2023

    This show is now available. Thanks.

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