Saladin: Conquerer of Jerusalem English Subtitles

Saladin: Conquerer of Jerusalem English Subtitles

Nov. 23, 2023
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Saladin, a prominent figure in medieval history, is renowned for his conquest of Jerusalem and his role in the Third Crusade. This article explores Saladin’s life, military achievements, and the significance of his victory in Jerusalem.

Early Life and Rise to Power

Saladin, born in 1137 in Tikrit, grew up in a family of military leaders. He received an excellent education and training in Islam, literature, and warfare. Saladin’s uncle, Shirkuh, recognized his potential and played a pivotal role in his early career.

Rise of the Ayyubid Dynasty

Under the leadership of his uncle, Saladin played a significant role in the expedition to Egypt in 1164. After the death of his uncle, Saladin assumed the position of vizier in Egypt on behalf of the Fatimid caliphate. He consolidated his power, eventually establishing the Ayyubid dynasty.

Uniting Muslim Forces

Saladin’s ultimate goal was to unite the fragmented Muslim world against the Christian Crusaders. Through diplomatic negotiations and strategic alliances, he formed a formidable coalition of Muslim forces. This united front was crucial to his later military successes.

Battle of Hattin

One of Saladin’s most remarkable military victories was the Battle of Hattin in 1187. Despite being outnumbered, Saladin’s disciplined and skilled army defeated the forces of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, capturing many Crusader nobles in the process. This victory opened the path for the conquest of Jerusalem.

Siege and Conquest of Jerusalem

After the Battle of Hattin, Saladin besieged Jerusalem and captured it on October 2, 1187. Despite the city’s strong fortifications, a combination of military tactics, determination, and superior leadership led to Saladin’s triumph. The conquest of Jerusalem marked a turning point in the Crusades and solidified Saladin’s reputation as a formidable military commander.

Legacy and Impact

Saladin’s conquest of Jerusalem had significant implications for both the Muslim and Christian worlds. Although the Crusaders attempted to regain control, their efforts largely failed. Saladin’s chivalrous behavior towards defeated adversaries earned him admiration even from his enemies. His military successes and reputation as a just ruler left a lasting impact on the Muslim world and cemented his place in history.


Saladin, an exceptional military strategist and statesman, achieved lasting fame through his conquest of Jerusalem. His unification of Muslim forces, decisive victories, and chivalrous conduct distinguish him as one of the most influential figures of the medieval period. Saladin’s legacy continues to be studied and celebrated to this day.

Original title Saladin: Jerusalem Conquerer
First air date Nov. 23, 2023
Seasons 1
Average Duration 2 Hours minutes

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